Lawn Renovation

Lawn renovation

Lawn renovation can be done several different ways.  Schedule a consultation and we can perform a site analysis with you and discuss the options.  Below are two of the more popular ways.  In some cases, a dethatching or aerating is advisable when using seed.

Sod – if you’re thinking of renovating your lawn by replacing it with new sod, we can help.  A free consultation can be arranged and a property analysis will be done to explain the best solutions available to you.  What you can expect is a measurement of the property, a visual inspection of the area, and the options that are available.  When a new lawn or sod job is needed, we mechanically remove the existing lawn, add new soil and grade, lay sod, and then roll the area to ensure good contact between the sod and the soil.  Finally, a starter fertilizer is applied to promote a strong root system.  New sod requires water every day for about two weeks, and then every second day for another week.

Top-dressing – is done by raking new soil into the lawn and spreading a top quality premium grass seed.  We then roll  the lawn to ensure excellent soil to seed contact, and then finished with a starter fertilizer.  New seed needs to be watered and kept moist, if the area dries out even for one day, seed germination can be reduced by up to 30%.

Whichever method of lawn renovation is chosen, rest assured that quality is our top priority and our workmanship is guaranteed.  All you have to do is water your lawn.