Fertilizing Programs

Fertilizing is a very important aspect of lawn care.  It’s often overlooked or forgotten about altogether.  Your lawn requires nutrients not only for optimal growth, but for a deep, rich colour.  A healthy lawn is resistant to pests, diseases, temperature changes and droughts.  It can lower your cooling costs by lowering the temperature around your home.  A healthy lawn requires less water than an unhealthy lawn.  These are just some of the benefits from a healthy, fertilized lawn.

Our fertilizer programs are done in four applications.  We use a granular fertilizer with varying NPK numbers depending on what time of year it is and the requirements of your lawn.  Again, professional equipment is utilized and properly calibrated, and the amount of nutrients we use is specifically formulated based on the square footage of your property.  Excess granules are then blown off of hard surfaces to avoid staining.

Add value and more enjoyment to your home by including our fertilizing program into your lawn care.  Payment is at time of service, however, free crabgrass control is included in all yearly (4 apps) pre-pay service agreements.  Call or email Ditta & Sons for a free quote.