Lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is done with professional grade equipment which provide a superb quality cut.  Our machines are well ripped-turfmaintained and our blades are always sharp.  Sharp blades are extremely important in this business.  A dull blade will cause a lot of damage to a blade of grass, actually wounding it and leaving more area for moisture loss and disease.  A dull mower blade is responsible for leaving brown tips of grass when the rest of the grass blades are green.  It can be unsightly and very unprofessional.  We use the optimal lawn mowing height for seasonal conditions. Never too short (scalping), which will result in unnecessary moisture loss and yellowing.  A link to the article where this picture is from can be found here.  Your lawn will have pronounced ‘stripes’ and we alternate our mowing direction regularly to avoid making ruts in the lawn.  Trimming and edging are done with utmost precision that comes with years and years of experience and an eye for detail.  Watch the video below to see the amount of care that goes into edging and trimming the hard surface areas (approx 40 secs).  All hard surfaces are then blown clean and cleared of grass clippings.

We take great pride in the finished product that we present to our clients.  We know you’ll be proud as well.  Schedule an appointment and we can address your lawn care needs.  Our rates are competitive but our quality and value is far better than most.  We really do go that extra mile for our clients.

Double edge technique (video)