Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Ditta & Sons spring and fall cleanup jobs are billed per job, not by the hour.  The price is loosely based on time but more on the amount of work that needs to be done.  Some things to consider are the amount of leaves and trees, the size of trees, and neighbouring trees.  The amount and size of garden plants and their condition, accessibility, if any plant pruning is needed, edging, how much material has to be taken away, and the distance to the dump site are several other factors to consider when pricing a spring and fall cleanup service.  Call or email and we can drop by and offer a quote.  No hassle


Leaf cleanup

Spring cleanup – Spring time is such a nice and welcomed time of year, but there is always a lot to do.  Garden beds need to be cleaned out, regardless if there was a fall cleanup or not.  Leaves blow in from neighbouring yards, litter finds its way into your gardens, ornamental grasses need to be cut, beds need to be edged….the list goes on.  Give us a call and let us take care of getting your property into shape.  Add a spring fertilizer or crabgrass treatment for a boost to your lawn and preventative weed control.

Fall cleanup – Fall is a lot of people’s favourite time of year, the leaves are changing colour, the lawn is still growing, and the temperature still makes working outside bearable for some.  As the leaves begin to fall, the work begins, and soon you’re overwhelmed with the amount of leaves that need to be raked up and taken to the curb.  We have an efficient way of leaf cleanup using leaf blowers, rakes, and tarps.  A final mow is usually done while bagging any stray leaves, leaving your property immaculately clean.  Add a fall fertilizer application to receive the benefits of a fall feeding throughout the winter and an early spring green up.

Ditta & Sons Spring and Fall Cleanup